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Growing Trend With Wigs for Women

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

lush divine human hair wigs

If you're even remotely interested in fashion, you might be aware of a growing trend in the world: wigs. Wigs for women are becoming all the rage in recent years and for purposes that stretch beyond medical reasons.

In the past, the idea of wearing a synthetic wig was automatically linked to some sort of medical issue or condition that resulted in hair loss or in a lack of ability to grow hair naturally. However, although synthetic wigs are still used for that nowadays, they are also being used for more purposes, such as fashion.

Fashion is one of those life elements that can change at the drop of a hat. That's one of the reasons it's so exciting and interesting the wigs are still holding strong at the top of fashion trends and that they have been for many years running now.

If you're already familiar with hat trends or if you're just learning about them right now, it doesn't matter. Wigs are here for everyone, and it's time to learn about them!

Wig Types: Natural Hair Wigs or Synthetic Hair Wigs

Along with the increase in wig popularity for fashion reasons rather than only medical ones, there have been extreme advancements with wig technology, as well. In the past, the options were real hair wigs and low-quality synthetic hair fibred wigs.

Synthetic hair pieces are made from a manmade material that can mimic the look and feel of real human hair. The fibrous materials are made from low-quality plastic that can be styled in specific hairstyles before the customer ever receives it. There are benefits of synthetic wigs – the largest of which is that you can get them in virtually any colour and any style including Bob wigs, Braided wigs and Curly wigs!

On the flip side, there are wigs made from human hair or natural hair wigs. These human hair wigs are, as you might be able to tell, wigs that have been made from human hair. Whenever you donate hair to an organisation such as Locks of Love, they take that hair and turn it into wigs for those who need or want them.

Natural lace front wigs have some benefits over cheap synthetic wigs, so long as you're willing to pay the additional price for them. Human hair wigs tend to live for much longer than synthetic wigs, meaning that you might only need one wig for an entire year. Additionally, natural hair wigs are, well, natural hair. This means that there's no risk of them looking as if they're made from fake material – however, they require quite a bit more upkeep than other wig types.

But, once you commit to a natural hair wig, you'll find that there are numerous hairstyles to put it in, and we'll also discuss some great ways to keep your natural hair wig looking fly for as long as possible.

Benefits of Natural Hair Wigs

A quick note. Before you naysay the idea of a wig for non-medical reasons, realise that natural hair wigs are a great method for keeping your real hair protected. Similar to dreadlocks, braids, and other hairstyles that are meant to prevent strain, wear, and tear on your real hair, wigs are there to keep your hair healthy and protected.

Even if you're not into the idea of wigs for fashion, there's no harm in using a wig to protect the locks that naturally grow from your head. This way, you can protect your hair while also experimenting with other styles to keep your look looking fresh without damaging your real hair.

Another benefit of natural hair wigs is that you can style them just like normal hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, which come in a single style that you – typically – can't change, you can style your hair in whatever way you want when it comes to natural hair wigs.

Top 2022 Natural Hair Wig Trends

Read on to learn about some of the best hairstyles for 2022.

Wig Ponytails (360-Degree Action)

There are specific natural hair wigs that are meant to allow you to style them and easily play with them, just like your real hair. These are specific natural hair wigs that have lace that stretches across the entire hairline. This element of them means that you can pull it into a ponytail or other up-do without the natural wig hairline being so obvious.

Presumably, if you're going for a natural hair wig, your goal is to make your hair look like it's your own. As such, you're not going to want to be outed for wearing a wig just because the wig hairline doesn't look as natural as you might expect.

That's why these types of natural headpieces are convenient if you want to easily style your hair without worrying about revealing the truth of your hair. Not to mention, the ponytail is a classic style that will likely never go out of fashion.

Natural Coils

Many people see the term "natural hair" and think it's referring to kinky/curly hair (such as hair that is described as Type 4 hair). This type of hair is beautiful and sure to be a hit with whoever sees you – and the best way to experience this hair type is by using a natural hair wig! The curly hairstyle has been seen as a way of making you look more dramatic than your usual self without much effort on your part.

Additionally, there's been a push for hairstyles that look like type 4 hair that has been blow-dried straight, as well. If you have a naturally curly hairstyle, wigs aren't an impossibility for you anymore! The natural hair wigs that offer coils and curls will match and blend better with naturally-curly hair textures. This can help you keep it looking as if it's your original hair (which is the goal, after all)!

Keep in mind that, for this look, you can get it in the specific style and curl pattern you want, or you can decide to style it on your own. Just make sure to get a high-quality styling wax so that you can manipulate the hairline and make the wig look more natural. Including baby hairs and wispy bits is also a good idea to make this type of wig look more authentic.

Natural Wavy Lace and Textured Lace

lush divine lace front wigs

No matter the type of wig you're working with, frontal lace and lace closures are the choice for wig trends. This is because these particular style types offer manageability and volume for your hair so that you don't have to struggle too much with how it looks. This means that you have a lot more flexibility for your hairstyles, and you'll have an easier go of keeping your hair looking how you want it to.

These particular wigs are also easy to use if you're partial to half-up and half-down hairdos, as well as tousled waves. If you like the way these hairstyles frame your face, or if you'd like to try them out to see how they make you feel, then this is the wig type best suited for your needs.

Just make sure you have a styling spray and a hair tie to completely pull off the look!

Tousled Wave

This one might be a bit of a headache to style, but once you manage it, it will look phenomenal. Tousled wave hairstyles are another classic, and it's easier to prepare on a wig than it would be on your own head. That's one of the benefits of a wig – you can do hairstyles with it that you would otherwise not be able to do.

To get a tousled wave look, you will want to have a curling iron on hand as well as a spray that is meant to protect hair from the heat. Keep in mind that, with natural hair, you can use the same products and brushes that you would use on your own hair – this is because, unlike a synthetic wig, the wig hair is made from real human hair.

Take a small section of hair at a time (starting from the bottom) and mist it with the spray. Then, curl the hair (in whichever way you would like the curls to bounce), let it sit for five or so seconds, and then release the curling iron. The curl will now be loosely wrapped around the curling iron, and you should let it sit there for another five or so seconds before releasing the whole curl.

Voila! You are now the proud owner of a tousled wave. Just make sure to do this over and over through the entire head, and then, you'll have your beautiful natural hair wig looking stunning and ready to use.

Half-Down, Half-Up

There are a few hairstyles that work as well for professional looks and flirty looks, but the half-up, half-down is one of them. For this one, it's a simple enough hairstyle to do, and you'll find that your wig will look all the more natural for how classic this style is. To style it into this hairstyle, you'll want to grab a hair tie, spray, heat protection, and curling iron.

Divide your hair into two parts (top and bottom), and then use the hair tie on the top half of your hair to temporarily secure it. Smooth down any wispy or unruly bits of hair that don't want to cooperate to get it looking as neat as possible. Then, curl the bottom half of your hair (see above to the previous hairstyle of tousled wave/curls), and then, once you've finished with the bottom part of your hair, you'll lay the ponytailed top part on it.

You'll be amazed how easy this style is too mimic and how you can quickly style your hair into this stunning, classic look.

Natural Hair Clip-Ins

This one is slightly natural wig adjacent, but it can still help protect your normal hair while giving your fashion choices a new lease on life. Human hair clip-ins are, as you could guess, clips that you can attach to your hair to mimic real hair or a natural hair wig. They're easily customisable, meaning that, with them, you can show off many hairstyles with one item.

Do DIY styling before installing them, and wait for the compliments to come in.

Middle Part

You guessed it – there's another classic hairstyle to add to the list that is still considered an "in" style—the middle part. The middle part is a surefire winner for most hair types and face shapes, meaning that if you're not sure where to start with your wig journey, this is a great one to choose.

You can let the two sides of the hair dangle free like the free spirit you are, or you can tuck one – or both – sides behind your ear(s) for a more demure look. Whatever you choose, the middle part is known for showing off stunning features without requiring you to put in a lot of initial effort or spend hours styling your natural wig.

How to Care for Your Natural Hair Wig

Of course, all these beautiful styles won't do you a lick of good if it looks ratty and old. This is why it's extremely important to make sure that you care for and wash your wig properly so that it will last you for a long time.

Before anything else, you should wash your human hair wig before wearing it the first time. Use the process (detailed below) to ensure you're washing it correctly. When human hair wigs are packaged, they come with conditioner in the hair already. If you leave the conditioner in, it can be hard to style it or get it to do what you want.

Washing Your Natural Hair Wig

  • Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. Start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up.

  • Once it's detangled, you'll want to rinse it under cool running water. Don't soak it or submerge it!

  • Use a small amount of shampoo in the wig and stroke it through the hair as gently as possible. Start from the wig roots and work your way down to the tips (the opposite of how to detangle it).

  • Rinse out the shampoo by running the wig under more cool water. Squeeze the wig gently to get out excess water, but don't try to wring the wig or twist it. You'll ruin it if you do this.

  • Grab a small amount of conditioner and work it gently through the hair (as you did with the shampoo).

  • Leave the conditioner for a couple of minutes (1-2 minutes is a good amount of time). Don't exceed longer than 3 minutes.

  • Rinse the conditioner out, running cool water over it until the water runs through without any product/runs clear.

  • Gently squeeze it to remove excess water, and then leave it to air-dry. You can also use a dry towel to sop up the excess water.

  • Place it on a stand to dry. Only once it is completely dry, begin to style it.

  • At this point, you can store it or get it ready for wear!

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Do not rinse with hot water because this can damage the hair and dry it out.

  • Don't sleep, swim, or shower with it.

  • Try to use a shampoo that does not have any clarifying elements. This will only strip oils from the hair and cause it to feel dry and brittle.

  • Human hair ends require moisture, serum, and oil because they suffer from the most damage after daily wear and tear. You can try argon oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil for your human hair.

Try not to place the conditioner at the roots or the base.

The Lifetime of a Natural Hair Wig

You'll find that a human hair wig will last longer than other types, so long as you take care of it. Make sure to wash it when it starts to look oily and be gentle with it when you're styling it and brushing it. If you're wearing the it daily, you can expect it to last for upwards of a year, but if you're only wearing it periodically, one human hair wig can last for nearly three years!


Whatever your reasons for needing a natural hair wig, you can have versatility and healthy hair, as well as a flexible and changeable style whenever the mood strikes you. Make sure to do research as to the best headpiece that'll work for your hair type, and then don't look back.

So long as you continue to care for your natural hair wig, you'll find that it'll result in delight and awe for all who see it during its lifespan.

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