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Why Choose Synthetic Wigs?

Updated: May 30, 2023

lush divine lace front wigs

We may not have gotten too far into 2022 as of yet, but that doesn’t mean that things are progressing as slowly as the rest of the world is. Fashion has already made a name for itself, and if you’re the type of person who likes to be on top of trends, this article is for you.

When it comes to popular 2022 trends, few are as vocal about their presence as wigs. Over the past decade, wigs have been making a name for themselves as an alternative to dealing with real hair. In the past, wigs were mostly only used by people who were suffering from hair loss, or who needed to have a changed hairstyle for a short time, such as actors and cosplayers.

However, this unspoken limitation has since passed, and women are running with the new freedom that wigs give them. Using a wig will allow you to show the world your perfect image of yourself, and you don’t even have to be beholden to natural or classic hair colours and styles. Get a wig that is blue or green and styled like a mohawk or choose something more demure to work with all your everyday outfits.

Whatever you choose, wigs are here to help you show your truest self with minimal effort on your part. Of course, now you must decide on the type of wig you should buy before you can revamp your appearance.

Synthetic Wigs vs. Human Hair Wigs

The two main wig types are lace front synthetic and wigs made from real hair. Synthetic wigs are made from a specific fibrous material that is easy to produce and manipulate in many ways (colour, shape, style, length, etc.). Lace front wigs made from real hair, on the other hand, are made from – you guessed it – human hair. In the past, wigs made from actual hair were the preferred option because they looked like real hair, but nowadays, technology has evolved so much that even synthetic hair looks natural.

Because of how similar the quality is between synthetic and human hair these days, it really comes down to personal choice. However, if you’re looking for a type that has extensive versatility, multiple colours, and a range of styles, then a synthetic style of wig is going to be your best option.

Just do your research before purchasing a wig. You want one with good reviews and a high-quality make! Take a look at another blog we wrote about the rising fashion trend of wearing wigs.

What Is Synthetic Hair, Though?

lush divine synthetic stylish wigs

Similar to human hair, synthetic hair is a polymer, but instead of a naturally-occurring one, it is manmade. Synthetic hair is made from thin plastic fibres that have been manipulated to look like human hair.

At its most basic level, it is a type of material made from low-grade acrylic that can then be heated and moulded into singular strands that become individual “hair” fibres. These fibres are then tied into or styled into hairpieces that will eventually become the wig you’re wearing.

Luckily, over the last two decades, science has evolved enough to make it so that there are now, specifically, certain lines of synthetic hair brands that look so much like human hair that hairstylists can’t tell the difference unless you tell them.

However, that is not to say that all synthetic hair is this quality – there are still many synthetic hair brands out there that use lower-grade synthetic fibres. These would be the ones you would find in costume shops, and they tend to have a sheen to them that makes it easy to tell that they’re not made from human hair. Additionally, on top of the unnatural sight, the wig strands can feel waxy and plastic, making it even more obvious that the hair is synthetic.

Full lace wigs can be formed into many styles, from kinky curls to straight to layered and everything in between. Be aware that most synthetic branded wigs you buy will not be able to be re-styled. This means that whatever hairstyle you choose for your wig, that’s the one you’ll be using over and over again, so make sure you either pick a style that you love, or that you choose multiple styles for different days.

Pros of Synthetic Wigs

Easy to Use

Synthetic-style wigs are extremely easy to use. This is because they come styled for you. So, so long as you follow the care and washing instructions, you will find that the wig will automatically revert to its initial shape. This means that you could, for example, have kinky curls every day of the week with little effort on your part.

Ready Out of the “Box”

lush divine lush wigs

Wigs made from synthetic are one of the easiest changes to your daily routine. When it comes to a wig made of synthetic fibres, all you have to do is pull it out of its packaging, shake it back to life, and plop it on. Have salon-ready hair in less than five minutes, and then use the time you’re saving in other aspects of your life.

Low Maintenance

Another point in the favour of synthetic-made wigs is that they’re extremely easy to deal with. They don’t require much – if any – upkeep, meaning that if you’re lazy or if you’re suffering from fatigue due to illness, you can slip it on and go about your day. When you’re done with them, just take them off, put them on a wig stand or other hanging apparatus nearby, and don’t worry about them past that.

Additionally, the permanent styling on the wig also allows it to be easily restored. To maintain whatever your synthetic style wig came with, give it a gentle brushing and shake it out, and watch as the wig comes back to life. The ease of this upkeep means that woman can completely skip their hair routine and still have picturesque, salon-quality hair with minimal effort.

Don’t Worry About Shampoo and Conditioner

Because synthetic fibre wigs aren’t made from real human hair, they don’t have to be treated as if they’re real hair. Whereas wigs made from human hair require that you shampoo and condition them like real hair, synthetic doesn't need that care.

Be Hip Without Trying

Most synthetic branded wig makers have a finger on the pulse of trends. They are in tune with fashion changes, and they make sure that they know what the next “big thing” is going to be. As such, you’ll find that most brand makers will produce wigs that will already be considered “in.” If you’re trying to prove that you’re fashion-savvy, but don’t know where to start, your synthetic wig may already elevate you to the in-crowd by automatically giving you a popular style.

They Can Look Natural

As mentioned above, science and technology have gone a long way towards making synthetic hair look like real hair. There are many brands out there right now that offer synthetic hair that is so high-quality it will trick virtually everyone you meet. If you’re looking for hair that looks like actual real hair at a fraction of the price, then make sure to do your research and choose a brand that is known for its high-quality material.

They Come in Many Styles

High-quality synthetic stylish wigs are extremely versatile. Although it isn’t usually possible to re-style them after you buy one, you can solve this problem by buying multiple wigs in many styles. Synthetic fibred wigs are also much cheaper than wigs made from human hair, meaning that you can buy multiple styles without spending too much money. Keep this in mind and don’t stop yourself from buying several styles, colours and cuts.


This may not be something you’ve thought about considering, but when you put anything on your head, the weight of it will eventually start to bother you. That’s why the lightweight nature of synthetic women's hairpieces is like a breath of fresh air. Synthetic women's wigs are created to be more lightweight than their human hair counterparts, which makes them more comfortable to wear – especially in the summer when it’s hot and humid

They’re Inexpensive

Between synthetic fibres and real human hair, synthetic fibre wigs are extremely inexpensive. Make sure to do your research to guarantee that you’re paying a fair price for your wigs but realise that synthetic will likely always be cheaper than other head pieces made from real hair.


lush divine stylish colourful wigs

Synthetic wigs can come in many “unnatural” colours. So, if you’ve ever wanted to have bright pink hair, or go blond without damaging your real hair, a synthetic wig can help you with that. They also come in normal hair colours, so you can go with a natural red during the workweek and then jump to something that’s more in league with a fire truck on your weekends. Whatever you want to do, you can!

Additionally, most synthetic wigs will keep their colour forever. Whereas wigs made from human hair run the risk of colour fading over time, synthetic colouring is a permanent element of your wig. Keep in mind that this means that they can’t be recoloured, either, however.

Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wigs Exist

When it comes to heat friendly wigs, one of the draws for many is that they are styled in a specific way, and that style will stay in place no matter the weather. This element of synthetic hair makes them very attractive for people who want to be able to shake their hair and have it look presentable – a synthetic wig allows that to happen!

However, if you want to have it all, there is another type called a heat-friendly synthetic wig. These wigs can take the heat and be restyled. This means that, if you’re careful with your re-styling, you will only need one wig to have all of your hairstyles in one place.

However, there are pros and cons inherent in these wigs, as well.



Although these are a special type of wig, they are still made from synthetic fibres. This means that heat-friendly is still typically cheaper than wigs made from actual hair. They are also only slightly more expensive than the default synthetic wigs.

Great in All Climates

Just like default, heat-friendly synthetic hair is a great choice for all weather and climates. No matter if it’s snowing, or raining, or if the sun is cooking you, these wigs will maintain their style.

Extremely Versatile

Because these wigs can be restyled using heat, you can use them to make your wig work for any hairstyle. If you want to add curls one day and use that style for a week, you can do so. Heat-friendly wigs mean that you can use one wig for many different days without having to spend money on multiple styles.


Even more so, the heat-friendly versions look more natural than normal synthetic fibred wigs. This is because these wigs don’t tend to develop the shine that many lower-quality brands develop. This means that they will look natural even as you restyle them

Retaining Styles

Heat-friendly wigs work like default. This means that, once you style it in a new way, it’ll stay in that new style. This is called style retention, and it means that, even after you wash and dry the wig, it’ll revert to whatever its most recent style was.


Difficult to Style

Unless you’re a trained stylist, you might find styling these to be more trouble than it's worth. Many people end up going to a salon and having the hair stylist do the restyling for them.

Lack of Re-colouring

Some cannot be recoloured. This could be seen as a pro or a con, depending on the person, however!

Too Much Heat Can “Damage” Them

If you are constantly re-styling your weak, you might find that the fibres start to feel brittle. When it comes to being heat-friendly, the “hair” can feel coarse, and it can also make your wig look frizzy all the time. They also last for a much shorter period than other wig types.

Cons of Synthetic Wigs

Unfortunately there are some downsides to them, as well. Make sure you do proper research before buying a synthetic wig so that you know what to expect after your purchase.

They are great and easy to use, but if you’ve never bought a wig before, there are some things you should be aware of.

Lack of Longevity

Unfortunately, synthetic hair tend to last for only five or so months. However, if you own multiple front lace synthetic-quality items, you’ll find that you don’t need to worry about this. Using different styles and not sticking with one that you use daily will make it so that your wigs last for much longer.

Unnatural Sheen

Lower-quality synthetic hair styles tend to either come with – or eventually develop – a bright shine to the hair fibres. These are the sorts of brands you will see at a costume shop, or on most people during Halloween. The bright, florescent-Esque sheen is one of the easiest ways to tell if a wig is made from synthetic fibres or human hair. If you’re going for a natural look, you’re going to have to shell out the bigger bucks for a high-quality synthetic lace front wig.

Cannot Be Re-Coloured

This has been mentioned already, but some styles cannot be re-coloured. This means that if you get a wig and it doesn’t happen to be the right shade, there’s nothing you can do about that. Because of the material that makes up the hair fibres, normal dyes will not work on the hair fibres. Additionally, if you try to add heat to a default, non-heat-friendly wig it will melt and release a bunch of chemicals into the air. Gross.

They Do Not Like Heat

Remember when it was mentioned that the application of heat can melt your wig? That remains true for hot activities as well. If you’re planning to bake or stick your head in the oven, remove your wig so that it doesn’t melt or fall apart! Even a heat lamp can do a fair bit of damage, so make sure you stay away from super-hot things. Keep in mind that many are safe for up to around 400 degrees, however, so you don’t need to worry about your hair melting as you’re getting your groceries in the summer!


When it comes to synthetic, there are many benefits and very few downsides. This means that you can give yourself a hairstyle that compliments you without spending loads of money at the salon. Choose a colour that makes you feel like a fairy princess, and then spend the next day looking ready for a normal day at the office.

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