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If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us

  • How can I subscribe to the website for updates on offers?
    If you want to subscribe to our website head over to the home page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page and hit subscribe. By subscribing to our website and becoming a site member you will be kept informed about special offers and promotions, which are available to members only.
  • How do I unsubscribe from marketing emails?
    All marketing emails will have a link at the bottom of the email page. Click this link and various option will be given to you where you can unsubscribe and or specify your marketing preferences.
  • What form of payments do you accept?
    When checking out Lush Divine has a wide range of payment options including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. There are also payments options for PayPal and Apple Pay.
  • How do I know when a product is back in stock?
    Lush Divine offers a Back in Stock email, which will notify all our customers when a specific product is back in stock. All you need to do is simply enter your email address on the product page that you want to be notified about and Lush Divine will automatically send you an email once the product has been restocked.
  • What are the differences between synthetic and natural hair wigs?
    Synthetic wigs which are the cheapest option if you are thinking about choosing a wig, are created from man-made fibres that give an overall appearance and feel of real hair. Natural hair wigs which are much more expensive are made from human hair. The hair is taken and harvested to create a wig which will feel exactly the same as your real hair.
  • How do I wash my wig?
    First, always make sure you brush out any twists, tangles or nots starting from the ends working backwards to the roots. To do this you can either use your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Make sure you don’t pull on any nots or tangles as this will cause damage to the hair and cause shedding. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add approx. a small amount of special formulated shampoo for synthetic hair or sulphur free shampoo. Make sure the water is not too hot as this will damage the fibres. Carefully soak the wig in the water for approx. 1 min then gently massage the hair with your fingers swishing the wig from left to right, this will make sure all the hair fibres are exposed and cleaned. After you are satisfied the wig is cleaned, rinse the wig in cold water. To do this, hold the wig under a shower head and rinse well until all the lather is rinsed out and the water runs clear. As a final touch you can apply some conditioner spray to the wig although this is not a necessity. It’s important to allow the wig to dry naturally, we therefore suggest placing the wig between 2 towels and gently press down in order to absorb the excess water. Once done, shake the wig and brush through with your fingers. Never twist the wig to dry, this will cause severe damage to the wig.
  • Can I wash my wig with regular shampoo?
    Yes, you can wash your wigs both synthetic and natural hair wigs. However, we strongly advise against using regular hair care products as these will contain chemicals that will cause damage to the wigs and will reduce the quality of how the hair looks. There are plenty of specially formulated products on the market today which are designed to clean the fibres and hair for all types of wigs.
  • How do I comb out tangles or nots?
    It’s common for wigs to become tangled, when this happens simply use a large tooth comb and gently brush out any nots or tangles starting from the ends working up to the roots. Do not brush down from the roots. Take extra care when performing this action and do not pull hard on tangles as this will cause the wig to shed.
  • How long do wigs last?
    This will depend on whether the wig is synthetic or natural hair and the amount of time you wear it as some wigs are sensitive to heat and the sun. Synthetic wigs if cared for can last up to six months whereas natural hair wigs can last for more than a year if the proper care is taken.
  • Can I style or cut my wig?
    It is possible to trim and style the wig like normal hair, however we do recommend if you are going to style the wig with hair straightener’s, make sure the heat does not exceed 100℃, and the application time does not exceed 3 seconds. It’s important to note, too much heat will damage the hair causing the wig to become dry and tangled.
  • Can hair extensions damage your hair?
    The basic answer to this is, No. Provided that the hair extensions are fitted by a professional and you take care of them, they will not damage your hair. The old ways of wearing hair extensions required clips to hold the hair in place, which sometimes had a damaging effect on the hair follicles. However, in today’s modern world there are now many alternatives which do not cause damage and are kinder to the hair.
  • How long do hair extensions last?
    There are different methods of fitting hair extensions glue, tape, sew-in or micro-link extensions. Using glue and tape extensions, these should last around four to eight weeks as long as they are cared for and looked after. Sew-in extensions are approx. the same period, however micro-link extensions can last up to four months.
  • Can you make your own hair extensions?
    We would not recommend making your own hair extensions. Whilst it is possible to buy loose hair, which is obviously much cheaper than buying packs of weft hair, it is extremely time consuming, and the process is quite difficult.
  • What is Klarna Payments?
    Klarna's [Pay in 3 instalments] [and] [Pay in 30 days] credit agreements are not regulated by the FCA. Use of these and any missed payments may affect your ability to obtain credit from Klarna and other lenders. 18+, UK residents only. Subject to status. T&Cs apply.
  • When can I expect my order?
    Lush Divine will attempt to process all orders the same day as long as they are processed before 4pm. If when placing your order, you have used a UK shipping address and chosen Express Shipping, then you can expect to receive the order within 1 – 2 business days. If you have chosen Standard shipping then you can expect to receive your order between 3 - 5 business days. If your order does not arrive when expected then please contact our sales team by sending an email to
  • When will my order be shipped?
    All orders that are placed before 4pm are processed and booked for shipment the same day. If the order has been placed after 4pm the shipment for delivery will be processed the following day. As soon as the shipment is booked for collection you will receive an email notification along with a tracking number enabling you to track your parcel.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do ship both internally and across Europe. Shipping rates will apply depending on location. For further information on shipping and returns please read our Shipping & Returns policy, which can be found here.
  • Where can I find your shipping policies?
    All our policies can be found at the footer of the website or simply follow this link which will take you to our Shipping Policies page.
  • How is the shipping calculated?
    Depending on where the order is placed will depend on how the shipping cost is calculated. Orders that are placed in the UK are charged at a fixed rate, orders that are placed outside of the UK will attract a different set of shipping rates, which again are calculated at a fixed rate. All information regarding shipping can be found here in our Shipping Policy.
  • How do I know when my order has been shipped?
    When customers place an order on Lush Divine’s website, an email is automatically sent out to each customer confirming the order has been placed and accepted for processing. Once the order is shipped a further email will be sent confirming the order is on its way along with a tracking number so you can easily track the progress of the order.
  • How do I apply for a refund?
    We hope you never have to return what you've bought but in case you do, then please head over to our Returns Policy Page where you will find detailed instructions on how to return your item, including a link that will take you to our return portal where you can process your return immediately.
  • What is your return policy if I want to return an item?
    If for whatever reason you feel you need to return your item, all details regarding the returns process can be found here. If there is a specific issue or problem you require assistance with, then please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to
  • Can I change the shipping address of my order?
    Once the order is placed and you have received a further email confirming the order is on its way then no you will not be able to change the delivery address. However, if the order is still in process then please contact us immediately and we will do our upmost to accommodate any address changes.
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