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What are the Most Common Questions Everyone is Asking About Wigs?

If you're considering wearing a wig or just curious about them, it's normal to have questions. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the experts at Lush Divine London have created this blog post to help answer the top 10 questions about wigs.

Question 1: Are wigs uncomfortable to wear?

When fitted correctly, wigs should not be uncomfortable. Many people find them to be quite comfortable. The key is to ensure that the wig fits properly, is adjusted correctly, and isn't too tight.

Question 2: Can wigs look natural?

Yes! Wigs can look incredibly natural when they are styled correctly. Many options range from synthetic wigs to human hair wigs, and each can be styled to look like your natural hair.

Question 3: Can you get your wig wet?

It depends on the composition of the wig. Some wigs are made from materials that can get wet, while others cannot. It's essential to read the care instructions with your wig to know what activities and environments it can be exposed to.

Question 4: Can wearing a wig cause headaches?

Wearing an ill-fitting wig, or using improper fastening methods, can cause headaches. It's essential to get a wig that fits properly and use suitable techniques to secure it.

Question 5: What is the best type of wig?

There is no one "best" type of wig, as it's subjective. The most important aspect of buying a wig is finding one that makes you feel like yourself and suits your needs. Whether that's a synthetic wig, a human hair wig, a lace front wig, or something else entirely, the decision is personal.

Question 6: How do I choose the correct wig?

To choose the correct wig, you'll want to consider the following factors:

- The style you want

- The material you prefer

- The level of maintenance you're willing to do

- Your budget

Once you've considered these factors, you can look at different wig options that fit your criteria.

Question 7: How do I care for my wig?

The care instructions for your wig will vary based on your wig type. Generally, wigs need to be washed every 7-10 wears and stored carefully to avoid tangling and damage. It's essential to follow the care instructions that come with your wig to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Question 8: How do I style my wig?

There are many styling options for wigs, depending on your wig type. Styling can include brushing or combing, styling products, and heat tools. It's essential to follow the care instructions and use the right tools for your wig to prevent damage.

Question 9: Can I wear a wig with a sensitive scalp?

Yes! Many options are available for people with sensitive scalps, including wigs with a soft lace cap or wigs made from materials specifically designed to be gentle on the skin.

Question 10: Where can I get help with my wig questions?

If you have any questions about wigs or need help choosing the right wig, the Lush Divine London experts are here to help. Contact us for helpful advice and support.

At Lush Divine London, we believe everyone deserves to look and feel confident & beautiful, no matter their hair situation. We really hope this blog post has been informative and helpful in embracing your unique style.

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